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Smart Cities - Smart Grid 2019 - Smart Cities - Smart Grid This year, it is the mission to create a robot that modernizes the network within a city by installing new wireless node devices and establishing an optical network between them.

Smart Cities - Smart Lighting 2019 - Smart Cities - Smart Lighting This year, the mission is to design a robot that can replace old light bulbs with smart lights. Your robot will take new smart lights from the storage area and bring them into different rooms (red, blue, yellow, and green areas) in the building. In addition, the robot will find old light bulbs and bring them to the trash area. This way, the robot can modernize the lighting system in the building and help save energy.

WRO Collect And Sort Fruit 2018 - WRO Collect And Sort Fruit The WeDo Challenge is to make a robot that can help collect and sort fruit and bring the “perfect” fruit (shown as red apples) to a grocery store and the “ugly” fruit (shown as blue apples) to a juice factory.

WRO Food Distribution 2018 - WRO Food Distribution The Senior Challenge is to make a robot that can bring different kinds of food to the right destinations by appropriate ships and a robot that can equip the ships with temperature controllers that keep the different kinds of perishable food on board the ships in the desired temperature range during transportation.

WRO Precision Farming 2018 - WRO Precision Farming The Junior Mission of the robot is to gather data on the soil quality of the fields of different farms and use this data to plant different seedlings depending on the soil quality.

WRO Reduce Food Waste 2018 - WRO Reduce Food Waste The Elementary Mission is to make a robot that can help reduce food waste. The task of the robot is to sort food products according to their looks and expiration dates and transport the sorted food to places that can make use of the food instead wasting it; i.e. dumping the non-sellable food to a landfill.

WRO Waste Sorting 2016 - WRO Waste Sorting The World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) Junior High challenge is to make a robot that collect certain kinds of recyclable waste from a home into recycling waste bins to be picked up by Municipal Service.

WRO Recycling Plant 2016 - WRO Recycling Plant The World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) High School challenge is to make a robot that brings sorted waste stored in recycling containers to the corresponding recycling tank at a waste recycling plant. Furthermore, the robot shall bring the recycling containers to their proper positions for the collection of more sorted waste.

WRO Clean Road 2016 - WRO Clean Road The World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) Elementary School challenge is to make a robot that helps you keep your road to school tidy – starting in your beedroom. Your daily routine begins with making your bed and goes all the way to cleaning the school’s playground.