Tournament Results

Tournament results can be viewed the day of the event or after. Live Scores can be seen as they are posted during the day. Awards may be viewed once the Tournament has concluded.

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DateTournamentCityStateCountryChallengeType# of TeamsHigh ScoreScoresAwards
12/18/2019 Central School District - Winter RoboticsRancho CucamongaCAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusScrimmage46100.022 View
09/15/2019 WRO Nationals - Regular WeDo CAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusChampionship31150.074 View
08/03/2019 Long Beach - Regular WeDo CAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusQualifier550 View
07/20/2019 Upland Summer Showdown - WeDo UplandCAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusQualifier10185.005 View
07/20/2019 Cupertino Qualifier - WeDo CAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusQualifier5125.012 View
07/20/2019 Northern California RegionalCupertinoCAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusRegional0  View
04/27/2019 EFK National Qualifier - WeDoFontanaCAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusRegional26160.03 View View
04/27/2019 Fontana Regular WeDo CAUSASmart Cities - Driverless School BusQualifier0  View